Big YOU is a 90-minute interactive personal growth talk or a two-day personal development workshop – and anything in between – that has been developed to tap into and then unleash people’s full potential in life and at work.

Each of us has potential that extends far beyond our actual day-to-day performance. Instead of living and working 10/10 lives, we often settle for 7/10 because it gets the job done, it doesn’t require us taking any risks or chances, and it keeps us in our comfort zone. 

The Big YOU experience explores the fears and the personal agreements people have made about themselves, and which are holding them back in life and at work. 

Big YOU then moves participants out of their safety zone as it gets them to see the potential and possibilities for themselves and their lives, and to make new agreements in life and at work.

Big YOU is a journey of self-discovery, not a lecture. Acquiring information is passive. Big YOU has been designed to take participants on a journey and give them an experience they won’t forget. It’s like riding a bicycle. Once you know how to ride a bicycle, you know forever; it’s always with you, and in you. 

Big YOU has a practical hard-headed impact on people’s everyday concerns and quality of life. It’s not an esoteric navel-gazing exercise. While Richard is a motivational speaker, participants leave the Big YOU experience with a feeling of freedom and empowerment, and a plan of action.

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