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I believe that people have within themselves vast resources for self-understanding, for altering their self-concept, their attitudes, and their self-directed behaviour. 

My approach is to adopt a positive view of human nature. My task is one of facilitation – removing the obstacles that are inhibiting performance and potential and helping to release that which has always been there. 

As such, my approach is aligned with the ideas and practices of the human potential movement [Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl, Alan Watts] and Positive Psychology [Martin Seligman].

While the subject matter may be considered “serious”, the way I engage people on the journey are by being challenging, inspiring, fun and funny. I use videos, music, visuals, and a large whiteboard to map the journey. 

And the content never remains the same. It’s always reflecting current ideas, attitudes, and issues; and these things do change from one day to the next.


1. Begin with the end in mind

  • What does success look like for me?
  • To become everything that you are capable of becoming.

2. Where am I sitting today?

  • Living my life in the comfort zone (group exercise).
  • The Asch Experiment (on group conformity).
  • What are the attributes of a peak performer?
  • Big YOU is about making your stand in the world.

3. What’s holding me back?

  • Conversation that explores the “invisible barriers” (fears) that contain and constrain individuals in their lives as well as in their roles at work, and why people are happy to go with the flow.
  • Discover the agreements that are holding people back, and the impact these agreements and their fears have on their work and on the quality of their lives.
  • What’s one agreement you have made with yourself that’s holding you back? (facilitated group discussion)

4. What’s possible for me?

  • Step into a You & Me World.
  • How it feels to operate in a You & Me World.
  • The power of Big YOU.

5. Create your Big YOU future

  • You are in charge of YOU.
  • Group briefing on the Big ME Blueprint (Who I am is. Stuff I’m great at. My new habit/reflex is.)
  • Create your Big ME Blueprint (individual exercise).
  • Share your Big ME Blueprint (with the group).