the real you

BIG YOU is the real you

Those who look outside, dream. Those who look inside, awaken.

-- Carl Jung

There is a heap of "personal branding" offerings in the marketplace, almost all of which just skim the surface. They are designed to help people position themselves for success by creating a brand image that looks good, says the right things, and makes the right impression.

Big YOU is NOT "your public image"; "making a good impression"; “dressing for success”; or "your online presence". And that’s because the professional and social masks you wear every day are not who you are.

Big YOU is the real you. Take away the masks, the bullshit, the illusory self, the looking good pretenses, and what are you left with? That’s Big YOU. And that’s your truth.

When people recognise, own, and act on that truth, remarkable things begin to happen in their lives and at work. People who participate in Big YOU will:

  • GET to be real and honest with yourself.
  • SEE some of the stuff that’s holding you back.
  • GIVE UP some of the stuff that’s holding you back.
  • DISCOVER who YOU really are.
  • OWN the things that make you great.
  • STOP living your life with the handbrake on.
  • CREATE the life that YOU want to live.
  • START DOING the things you’ve been waiting to do … one day.
  • FIND your voice.
  • BE YOU.

When people find their voice, doubt themselves less, and progress with confidence, they ‘open up’ and are naturally motivated and inspired at work; have pride in their work; are more powerful communicators; and have a positive impact on others.