don't get trapped​ by dogma

Customise Big YOU for peak performance, innovation, or customer service

Big YOU is customised to meet the specific objectives and needs of the participant organisation. 

I will take a brief, understand where you are coming from and what you are looking to achieve, and I will customise my Big YOU talk or workshop to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Your team might be delivering average outcomes, and not fully backing themselves when it comes to pushing for remarkable work. Your leaders might be closed off to the people they’re supposed to lead. People in your organisation might be resisting change. You may have a culture where people feel they can’t express their ideas or views. Employee engagement might be on the fall. 

Whatever the specific business issue or challenge, Big YOU can be customised to address these specific challenges and needs.

Big YOU topic areas:


  • Big YOU. Step out of your comfort zone and stop living your life with the handbrake on.
  • IT’S IN YOUR HANDS. Create what YOU want for yourself and your career. 


  • REACH FOR THE STARS. Don’t settle, aim high, think big, and make it happen!
  • LEAD THE WAY. Great leadership is the delivery of Big YOU. 
  • TRUSTED ADVISOR. Use Big YOU to create strong interpersonal relationships at work. 


  • BRAND NEW DAY. Step up, step out, and be the change in your world. 
  • DRIVING CHANGE. Some people are born to change the world. Are you one of them? 


  • SURPRISE & DELIGHT. Real customer service is the delivery of Big YOU. 


  • SALES FORCE. Become a force at selling by being your authentic self. 


  • CULTURE SHOCK. Use your brand to drive engagement in the workplace. 
  • WALK THE TALK. What it takes to build and sustain an awesome brand today. 
  • A BRAND NEW WORLD. Use your brand to create the future you want to succeed in. 


  • NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL. Step out of your comfort zone and fly closer to the sun. 
  • DIFFERENTIATE OR DIE. Stand out, stick out, and get noticed in a world of sameness. 
  • ESCAPE FROM MEDIOCRITY. Innovation and creativity is the delivery of Big YOU.

All of these topics can be adapted to work from a 30-minute keynote talk to an 8-hour workshop experience – and anything in-between.


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