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richard sauerman aka the brand guy

I am The Brand Guy. I run workshops and interactive keynote talks for Change Management, Employee Engagement and L&D projects. I also co-run a Brand Strategy & Design & Communication Company in Sydney, called Brandcraft.

After working in multi-national ad agencies on brands such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft, I left the ad industry to pioneer a new way to do branding, where everything you DO and SAY as a business must be driven by and aligned to your brand strategy – your business strategy, your products and services, your culture and people, your customer service and trade relationships, your marketplace positioning as well as [and not just] your marketing communications.

I deliver keynote talks and run workshops on BIG YOU, Branding, Change & Innovation, Peak Performance, Sales and Customer Service in the Change Management space - for large corporate clients - as well as at conferences and seminars across Australia and abroad.

My style is energetic, passionate, empathetic, and ruthlessly honest. I’m an enemy of mediocrity, I’m a champion for all people, I’m a challenger of norms and traditional thinking.

I am ranked #4 in the World's Top 30 Branding Professionals (2020); I have published two books; I am a regular contributor to blogs and podcasts; I do a few pro-bono and low-bono branding projects every year; and I appear in the media on brand-related stories.




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