breathe in the good shit

self-belief and attitude are everything

Big YOU lays the foundations of SELF-BELIEF and ATTITUDE for all Change Management Projects, L&D Programs and Activities, and Employee Engagement Initiatives.

Change Management

It is estimated that 60 to 80% of Change Management Processes fail, and the most commonly cited reason for project failure is the people side of change. Because no matter what the changes - to processes, customer service, job roles, structures, culture, work environment, technology – people make it happen. 

And when it comes to people, SELF-BELIEF and ATTITUDE are everything. What people think, feel, and believe shapes and drives their identity, their performance at work, and their life.  

Learning & Development

Company L&D Programs and Activities send people off to courses to learn new skills, tools and techniques – whether it be for leadership, sales, innovation, communication, negotiation, or technical. 

However, L&D seldom focuses on people’s SELF-BELIEF and ATTITUDE. If a company sends someone on a sales course, they’d learn the skills, tools, and techniques that make for a good salesperson. The problem arises if that person doesn’t see him or herself as a salesperson. 

“I hate selling” could be the attitude. “I can't sell” could be the self-belief. No matter how many sales skills, tools, and techniques that person is taught, if his or her attitude and self-belief is "I’m just not cut out for sales" ... they’ll be a lousy salesperson, no matter how many sales courses they go on. 

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Initiatives often fall way short of expectations because people don’t embrace it with genuine enthusiasm and passion. They tend to be wary and weary of “yet another” attempt to fire everyone up, forgetting that this is their place of work where they spend 50 hours a week. 

Employee Engagement Initiatives are an opportunity for every person to shape and drive a workplace they love, only if they choose to see it that way. And that’s what Big YOU does. The whole focus of Big YOU is on you, and what you want for your life – even on a Monday.

Driving successful outcomes in people at work requires new thinking, more SELF-BELIEF, a positive ATTITUDE, and a genuine desire to want to step out of your safety zone and start being the person you really are.